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2020 - October

With October ending a november coming, We've seen the ultimate misfourtune of another lock down and are currently finding ways to stay a float while our systems are all offline.

2020 - September

With this month coming to a close, we've expected to launch our merch later then expected but have managed so well that you can now pick up merch at the provided link!! See you in October

2020 - January

The Corona virus has caused a halt of all stock locker activity's such as the selling of goods for the forseeable school year Stock locker resumes Sept 2020-2021

2019 - November

With this month coming to a close, we've seen a huge influxe of new people showing up to the locker.
we've updated our legality page due to some misconceptions for our purpose in the general area.

2019 - October

The growth of "The Stock Locker" has only begun to grow more, and has continued to make it even more thesable to open a second Locker nearby. COMING SOON!

2019 - September

The stock locker originated when two lads, ages 15 & 16, decided to invest in a food and drinks service for their school community. The service, they decided, should be a regularly restocked locker packed to the brim with snacks and sodas. After some long planning sessions, the stock locker became recognizable as what it is today - a one stop shop for all the snacks a high schooler needs to get through the day.

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